NASCAP is founded with foremost aim to fight Piracy, Counterfeiting and Duplicates.  With this clear charter to protect Intellectual Property Rights, NASCAP is a global not-for-profit organization to:

  • Generate Leads and Information on duplicates, and habitual offenders.
  • Enforce IPR violations through its proactive network of consultants, investigators, legal professionals and former police officers.
  • Curb Digital Piracy and catch Cyber Criminals
  • Spread Education through Training, Workshops and Events and to spread information on the perils of Duplicates and it economic impacts, legal implications, health & safety risks.
  • Advocate for Government Policies, Programs and legislation that propagates stronger and fairer IPR regime.
  • To suggest, assist and negotiate for fair International Trade & Border Protection mechanism for effective and fast IPR registrations.
  • Use Cutting Edge Technology and Tools to achieve all its aims and objectives.


NASCAP aims are based on the principles of TIIA — TRUST, INNOVATION, INTERACTIONS & ACTION.