NASCAP is the central coordination unit to fight against trade secret theft, counterfeits, piracy, and other intellectual property crimes. Because IP crime in general and counterfeiting in particular has links to organized crime, money laundering, threats to public safety, etc., different enforcement agencies at the national level are looking at different type of crime in isolation, without the requisite expertise needed to tackle effectively the complexities of multidimensional  crime. NASCAP  supports coordination amongst the different industries affected by these crimes, the governmental officials (Police, Customs, Coast Guards, Prosecutors, etc.) that work to stop it, and the targeted public.

NASCAP would also facilitate coordination amongst the different governmental offices at the national and state levels and would facilitate coordination between national officials and other jurisdictions globally. Finally, it’s important to work with a partner that understands the challenges that brand owners face in their battle to hunt down and act against counterfeit products. Given the global nature of production processes, trace-ability issues impact on all manufacturers’ – because supply chains are complex. At every point where components enter a supply chain there is a potential IP crime issue, because components can be counterfeited.

NASCAP targets to function with a clear and proven strategy provide expertise on the rules and requirements, current threats and common channels for trafficking and the costs and processes involved at each stage of enforcement. NASCAP has a team of experienced members and associates providing guidance in the implementation of effective and strategic anti- counterfeiting efforts.

There should be an emphasis on a holistic review of the entire risk rather than to just seek a simplistic magic bullet from the arsenal of a single discipline. Packaging components, product authentication, trace-ability, market monitoring, IP litigation, supply chain tightening, distributor control, and other measures are all important components of the overall enforcement of the anti-counterfeit strategy.