Media & Entertainment

     Goals & Objectives :

  • To increase the size and reach of the NASCAP chapter on Media and Entertainment Industry.
  • To develop effective anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy strategies for Movies, Songs and Digital Content.
  • To reach out to more Stakeholder Companies, Organizations and Members to be a part of NASCAP.
  • To promote effective strategies by the public and private sectors to dismantle the menace of Counterfeits and Piracy.
  • To conduct meetings with government officials and submit representations and prepare white papers to resolve the acute problem of duplicates.
  • To deepen the understanding of “Grey Market” for counterfeiting & pirated commercial goods.
  • To hold Conferences, Seminars and Events in order to provide a network opportunity to  Media & Entertainment industry across the world.
  • To establish pool knowledge and best practices to be shared among industry and other stakeholders.

 The Media & Entertainment Chapter of the NASCAP is headed by Mr. Supran  Sen who has been associated with the Film Industry for the last 41 years and has held several key positions in various associations in the media sphere. He has been the Secretary for General Film Federation of India, General Film and TV Producers Guild of India, Indian Motion Pictures Association of India, Indian Motion Pictures Distributors Association, All India Film Producers Council, Theatre Owners Association, Indian Film Exporters Association and Film Makers combine.

He was also the Founder Director (Coordination) Mumbai Film Festival, Founder FICCI FRAMES, Founder Secretary of Association of Motion Pictures and TV Programme Producers and Founder Secretary of Indian Federation against copyright theft.

He has also been a Consultant for Entertainment Division (FICCI) and Modi Entertaining Group and Member of Copyright Enforcement Council Government of India and a Board Member (Executive Committee), International Federation of Film Producers Associates.

He has also been a Founder and a Director (Coordination) on the board of Mumbai Academy of Moving Images. He has also participated in all major Film Festivals/Markets around the world including in Cannes, Berlin, Bangladesh, Venice, Locarno, Rome, Hong Kong, Denmark, Hungary and in The United States of America.

He is an important functionary in the recommendations for various Indian Films to the National Film Awards and the International Film Festival of India (FIAPF accreditation). He has, on behalf of Film Federation of India strategised and created the existing system for selection of India’s representative film in the ‘Best Foreign Language’ category at the Academy Awards, based on Oscar guidelines.