Lead Genaration

Lead Genaration


Counterfeiters will imitate and sell any product disregarding the products safety, quality or the law. They manufacture cheap goods with the goal to maximize their return. The profit is shared by consumers ,manufacturers, retailers, and entire economy.

NASCAP has taken an aggressive step against counterfeiting through comprehensive programs that involve Lead Generation. Any person (consumers/manufacturers/retailers/entire community)coming across any objectionable product or Suspicious Vendor can report at our website with or without identity will be rewarded. An effective Lead Generation Program  can help combat the counterfeiting industry which  will help to benefit the society at large.

An example can be taken for pharmaceutical industry, India is the fourth largest producer of Pharmaceutical Industry. Import and Export are heavily regulated by continuos monitoring of quality aspect because of the complaint of sub standard or counterfeited drugs.

According to some studies, fake drugs make up 20% of the pharmaceutical market in India. These products are no longer limited to lifestyle drugs (i.e. Viagra), but now also include vital medication like cough syrups, painkillers, and even vitamin supplements. Most cases of fake and spurious drugs in the local market were found in Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. The health ministry estimates that 5% of drugs in India are counterfeit, while 0.3% are spurious. (Source ICC)

Though guidelines have been produced by international body like WHO to stop illicit medicines still distribution and sale of fake products happen beyond the jurisdictional border. In India combating fake medicine requires much planned collaboration as there is lack of infrastructure and financial resources. Our lead Generation Program will encourage to battle counterfeiting. So any person come across fake or harmful hazardous medicines can contact our website section for a Nobel reward.

Not only pharmaceuticals more or less all Large or small scale industries getting involved in counterfeiting products knowingly or unknowingly which affects the business in the long run. Our  Lead Generation programme is an action or process of identifying and cultivating potential counterfeiters for a business’s products or services.