NASCAP’s investigation members are carefully chosen for their competence and professionalism. They follow best practices and operate according to the highest possible ethical standards in conformity with NASCAP’s Code of Ethics.

The investigation is needed for all types of IP crimes including theft of trade secrets, counterfeit goods and pirated products.

Investigations are undertaken proactively or in response to credible information/lead.

Investigations may be online and also offline.

In recent years, the online sale of counterfeit goods has become rampant worldwide, including in India. A massive number of deceptive web-sellers illegally use copyrighted pictures of brand-name goods and then send fake items, low-quality substitutes or nothing at all.

Some counterfeiters run their own websites; others sell through legitimate online retailers. Therefore, legitimate online retailers have begun to provide anti-counterfeiting services such as a unique code for every unit manufactured (serialization), automated protections and the use of counterfeit removal tools.  Global communications have also challenged the protection of intellectual property rights by facilitating cross-border crime and bringing together criminals with different, complementary skills.

In the physical world, investigators are tasked with proactively identifying high-value targets and infiltrating counterfeit networks and cross-border operations.

Whereas previously, counterfeiting operations relied on bulk shipping and distributors, current online marketplaces bring together manufacturers, distributor’s buyers, sellers of counterfeits in an entirely different way. In the online world, investigators have to deal with intellectual property crimes on the surface web as well as on the dark web/deep web. Mostly, the investigators work in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, which may involve the covert purchase of counterfeit or pirated goods. Sometimes, forensic examination of seized goods provides detailed evidence and comprehensive analysis which helps in securing criminal convictions.

Using a combination of intelligence and covert strategies, investigators uncover manufacturers of counterfeit products. Investigations can reveal full distribution chains with their storage facilities and transportation methods, distributors and retailers.

Investigators work in close cooperation with IPR holders, IP lawyers and the police.

Benefits of Investigations :

• Networking
• Undercover Operations
• Online and off-site Research