Government Relations

Government-Relations of the NASCAP


  • To reach out to more stakeholders Companies, Organizations and Members to be a part of NASCAP.
  • To analyse the structure of the markets for counterfeiting and pirated products, highlight the importance of distinguishing those consumers who knowingly purchase counterfeit or pirated products from those who are deceived.
  • To examine the principal factors driving production and consumption.
  • To evaluate the main national and international initiatives being taken by government and business to combat counterfeiting and piracy.
  • To hold conferences, Seminars & Events in order to provide an opportunity to manufacturing industry.
  • To develop comprehensive anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy strategies, stakeholders need to work together to develop statistics.

Dinesh Jotwani, Heading the Government Relations for NASCAP is based out of New Delhi, India.  Dinesh Jotwani, Founder of Jotwani Associates has nearly two decades of experience and deep understanding of policy, law, technology and government relations, especially in software, trade, IPRs and internet law. He has been an In-house Counsel, Partner in Law Firms and also has been an Independent Consultant to several technology companies, such as NCR Corporation, Microsoft, Symantec and Evalueserve. Dinesh also holds two US Patents on ediscovery processes used in litigation/ investigations.