Education Chapter

Education Chapter of the NASCAP


  • To bring all the Stakeholders, Companies & Organizations into NASCAP platform.
  • To develop guidelines for the members and competent authorities such guidelines would be with respect to counterfeit trademark and pirated copyright goods.
  • To develop guidelines to prevent the sale of counterfeit goods over the Internet.
  • To organize seminar “Anti-Counterfeiting campaigns” emphasizing that act of selling IP infringing goods is illegal and purchasing of IP infringing goods will encourage trade in counterfeit & pirated goods.
  • To address all issues relating to IPR and Cyber security challenges.
  • To address any legal issues or legal policy faced by any member.
  • To reach out more members to be a part of NASCAP.
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The Education Chapter of the NASCAP is headed by Ms. Shweta Singh, Director at Ennoble IP and NASCAP.Shweta Singh Founder & CEO Ennoble IP, and Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundation (STEP UP 360).
She is Mentor, evangelist, wealth manager, Adviser and guide to many tech-based startups and SMEs. Shweta is actively involved in supporting women based startups and business venture. She has been continuously mentoring women entrepreneurs and supporting them dedicate to build strong Women empowered startups ecosystem.

Ennoble IP is one stop shop for IP Services for Universities, SMEs and Startups with IALM as training partner. STEP UP 360 is first Women and IP led Accelerator for technology based startups, for 360 degree helping and supporting the startups. Step UP 360 is continuously working to strengthen women entrepreneurial culture in India.

She is a rich amalgamation and affluence of corporate and educational expertise with excellence in the field of IPR and management with Startup Ecosystem. She has around 9 years of corporate experience in the area of intellectual property research, management and business consultancy and around 5 years of core experience in startups ecosystem.

She also provides specialized techno-legal and innovation consulting services to help inventors/start-ups/SMEs in building strong intellectual property for long term strategic benefits and competitive edge.

Shweta has authored 3 books showcasing the virtues of IPR, Women Empowerment and Bioethics. She has published 8 national and international research papers She has delivered many training programs for strengthen IP, Entrepreneurial and Startups ecosystem.

The Entrepreneurial qualities which make her different are combination of her Confidence, strength, flexibility, risk taking ability and her synergy with teammates. Her Passion toward her dream and her dedication makes her unique and highly competitive in education system which makes her a valuable member of Ennoble IP & STEP UP 360.