About Us


Counterfeiting or Piracy is a major Global problem which is creating havoc impact in all the sectors and India stands no exception. The devastating effect of widespread smuggling affects social economic and safety hazards which has a widespread consequence.

Large or small-scale industries getting involved in counterfeiting products knowingly or unknowingly which affects the business in the long run. Hence foreign investors are reluctant to invest which is creating a trillion-dollar problem which is very difficult to counteract.

NASCAP is founded with foremost aim to fight Piracy, Counterfeiting and Duplicates.  With this clear charter to protect Intellectual Property Rights, NASCAP is a global nonprofit organization filled with people who are interested in societal issues impacting individuals, families, groups, communities, agencies, social and economic policies.

We are a diverse group of people with interests like Cutting Edge Technology and Tools to achieve all its aims and objectives through lead generation to catch habitual offenders, enforce IPR violations through its proactive network of consultants, investigators, legal professionals and former police officer. Spread Education through Training, Workshops and Events on the perils of Duplicates and its economic impacts, legal implications, health & safety risks to promote a healthy society, social administration, and global issues such as human rights, and social justice.