NASCAP works with IPR stakeholders in domestic and international business, business and trade associations and coalitions, the Government of India, the State Governments and the Union Territory Administrations in India, to create or strengthen laws, regulations, policies, institutions for effectively responding to the menace of theft of trade secrets, production and circulation of counterfeit and pirated products by more effective actions against organized crime and other serious threats posed by counterfeit and pirated products to the health and safety of consumers and economies.

NASCAP supports the development and passage of legislation, regulations, and trade agreements throughout the world that increase national and international enforcement mechanisms against counterfeiting, piracy and theft of trade secrets.


The goals of NASCAP:

  • Promote effective collaboration among different stakeholders to achieve coherence and synergy by providing a common framework of language and ideas within which to collaborate for proactively controlling, reducing and eliminating the menace of loss or theft of trade secrets, counterfeiting and piracy.
  • Support the research and other advancements such as approaches and best practices to tackle these problems so as to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in achieving the desired outcomes.