NASCAP fights counterfeiting & piracy in India.


NASCAP is a not-for-profit company registered in India under Section 8 of  the Companies Act 2013. It has been set up in 2018 to provide a shared platform for all stakeholders in government, private sector, and civil society to come together to tackle effectively the growing menace of theft of trade secrets, counterfeit products and piracy.

A very large number of counterfeit and pirated products put the health and safety of consumers at risk. At the same time, the sale and distribution of counterfeit and pirated products activities negatively impact tax revenues, profits and legitimate jobs.

No country is immune to these impacts.  According to a report by FICCI CASCADE estimated loss to only 7 industry sectors in India was Rs. 1,05,000 crores in 2013-2014, with an increase of 44% between 2011-12 and 2013-14. The total revenue loss to the government on account of illicit trade was Rs. 39,000 crores in 2013-14 from these 7 sectors alone.

Some of the factors responsible for existence and continuity of the grey market are: high profitability, large market size, tax arbitrage, small investment and technology requirements needed by illicit traders, easy access to distribution channels, and ease of concealing operations coupled with inadequate enforcement.

NASCAP seeks to deter and stop trade secret theft, counterfeiting and piracy by bringing all stakeholders into its ambit to improve the level of  awareness and engagement for effective detection, investigation,  prosecution and litigation to protect Intellectual Property Rights.

NASCAP membership includes a diverse range of stakeholders across industry, government, enforcement agencies (judiciary, prosecutors,  police and customs), academia, industry associations, IP law firms, civil society organizations as well as individual stakeholders such as field investigators, cyber & e-commerce experts, IP lawyers and students.

“Counterfeit trademark goods” mean any goods, including packaging, bearing without authorization a trademark which is identical to the trademark validly registered in respect of such goods, or which cannot be distinguished in its essential aspects from such a trademark, and which thereby infringes the rights of the owner of the trademark in question under the trademark law of India.
 “Pirated copyright goods” mean any goods which are copies made without the consent of the right holder or person duly authorized by the right holder in the country of production and which are made directly or indirectly from an article where the making of that copy would have constituted an infringement of copyright under the copyright law of India.

“A trade secret is defined as any information that is: (1) not generally known to the relevant business circles or to the public; (2) confers some sort of economic benefits on its owner. This benefits must derive specifically from the fact that it is not generally known, and not just from the value of the information itself; and (3) the subject of reasonable efforts to maintain its secrecy. A trade secret continues for as long as the information is maintained as a trade secret.”


NASCAP is founded with foremost aim to fight Piracy, Counterfeiting and Duplicates. We are a conglomerate of industries, legal professionals, investigators, technology tool companies, academicians with sole aim to eradicate the evils of counterfeiting and piracy.

With this clear charter to protect Intellectual Property Rights, NASCAP aims are based on the principles of TIIA — TRUST, INNOVATION, INTERACTIONS & ACTION. 


The NASCAP network is quite formidable and unparalleled. From Ladakh to Andaman, from the Rann of Kutch to Arunachal Pradesh, we daily receive  40-50 leads across India, and all the leads get distributed among members for necessary action.

Lead Generation, Intelligence Gathering and Rural reach-out are the key strengths of NASCAP.

NASCAP strength lies in providing an Ecosystem and platform for the following activities:

Report Piracy Mail :


NASCAP strength -The following activities:

Lead Generation

Counterfeiters will imitate and sell any product disregarding the products safety, quality or the law.

Reward Program

If somebody provides lead of the offenders and counterfeiters NASCAP team rewards with an amount  of money on the following grounds.


NASCAP Follows investigations both online and offline to collect information’s and proofs for a suspected counterfeiter or seller.


NASCAP enforcement program is a service designed specifically for the member companies to address the rise of counterfeit business.

Online Piracy

NASCAP onlinepiracy program is an effective affordable service designed specifically for the member companies to address the rise of counterfeit business

Cyber Security

NASCAP has varied services to protect our clients one of which is stealing content and images by competitors in the internet.



Spread Education through Training, Workshops and Events and to spread information on the perils of Duplicates and it economic impacts, legal implications, health & safety risks. 


Events & Conferences

Nascap’s training events and Seminar programs helps to provide direct relationship between Nascap Members,law enforcement officers and police.


Policy & Programs

NASCAP Lobbies with the GOVT To seek Policies,legislations ,rules and regulations that may help in curbing counterfeiting to make sure intellectual property rights are protected.


(EFFECTIVE, feb 2019)
ADAPTED from wipo arbitration RULES EFFECTIVE, 2014, AS AMENDED TILL DATE, and